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Prof. F.J. Fité Carrión has taught in the Master E-TEAM Piraeus University of Applied Sciences in Athens

Professor F.J. Fité Carrión, Professor attached to DETIP and Technical Director of the Laboratory of Surfactants and Detergents INTEXTER has taught at the University of Applied Science Piraeus in Athens from 25 to 30 April in the Master E-TEAM (European Masters in Advanced Textile Engineering).

University of Applied Sciences of Athens (Greece)



E-TEAM is a two year Master program, under the audit of the Association of Universities Textiles (Autex). All major European universities offering degrees textiles participating in the program, such as ours, in his DETIP; which has a distinctly international bidding.

Has been given a 20-hour course (3 credits), on issues of preparation of textile, textile auxiliaries and colorimetry.