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UPC’s Textile and Paper Engineering Doctoral Programme awarded a Mention of Excellence
Master's Degree E-TEAM
Conference: "High perfomance fibres and structures for transportation: case of automotive"
Granting Thesis Award 2013-2014 in the field of Industrial Engineering
Call for Extraordinary Doctoral Award 2015
Call 2015 Industrial Ph.D.
Informative session the master's degree in fibrous materials technologies engineering
Visit of the students of the Master Specialization Textile International Fair Techtextil in Frankfurt
Companies visit Textiles Workshops of Department
Presentation of the Thesis Mercè Vilaseca Vallve
Inaugurated at the Documentation Centre and Textile Museum (CDMT) an exhibition has received support from the Department of Textile and Paper
Admissions Open Master's degree in fibrous materials technologies engineering, 2015-2016 academic year
81.3% of new engineers find employment in the textile sector
Presentation of the Thesis Valentina Buscio Olivera
Three laboratories in the field of textile DETIP join the organization of practice sessions for COST MP1105 FLARETEX
Researchers and research groups TECTEX LITA patent a new product and manufacturing process of a composite material for construction
Professor Manuel Lis has been appointed Managing director of the Textile and Paper Department
Textiles created 1328 jobs by 2015 thanks to exports and consumption
Innovation in fibers and fabrics to USA
Meeting of the TECLO European project
Prof. F.J. Fité Carrión has taught in the Master E-TEAM Piraeus University of Applied Sciences in Athens
ASADA WORK SHOP program to ESEIAAT 3 and 4 October
Prof. Dr. J. Carrión Fité attended the meeting of TECLO European Project